Baseball-training Work Out; seven kinds of basic warm-up

Work Out; seven kinds of basic warm-up

What kind of warm-up do you usually do? I think that there are various methods of warm-up in various teams. Jogging, stretching(static, dynamic, etc.), and sprint are popular ways.

I will introduce here the video on the warm-up that is actually adopted by a baseball school. You will find this warm-up easy because there are popular movements you have seen somewhere, so take it easy and let’s try anyway.

In this video, seven different warm-ups are introduced.
1. Skip while rotating your shoulders
2. Side skip while rotating your shoulders
3. Carioca
4. Heel kick (heel on the back of thigh)
5. Toe touch
6. Jump with one foot and then crotch splitting
7. One leg up

These seven warm-ups are good because their movements such as rotation of hip and shoulders, and the crotch splits are similar to baseball movements. Especially, I’d like you to do “carioca” and “crotch splits”.

As for the crotch splits, it’s necessary for all baseball players to keep hip joints flexible, and in order to keep a low enough posture when you catch the grounder, you should do the crotch splits.

Carioca, which you may not have heard of, is one of the popular warm-up, in which you step sideways while twisting your lower body. This is also related with the use of hip joints and improves your agility and body balance.

Video source:Carioca Cross Over Step

It might be a little hard for kids, but you can make this practice more effective by stepping as small as possible, as shown in the video. So, please watch the video and give it a try!!

Video source:ジュニアベースボールアカデミー ウォーミングアップ




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