Baseball fielding practice-for one person eight kinds of practice of “kabeate” ; throwing a ball against a wall

Fielding Practice for one person

The number of place suitable for “kabeate”, throwing a ball against a wall, has been decreasing recently. That’s why we rarely do it but in fact, it is a quite reasonable practice. If you know the place where we can play “kabeate”, I’d really like you to play this practice in the video I’ll introduce.

I recommend these practices especially to infielders but all players can benefit from them because they include several fundamental practices.

  • splits
  • back handed
  • front ground ball catch
  • back handed and ground ball catch
  • consecutive ground ball catch
  • short hop catch
  • handling
  • moving left and right

There are eight practices in total.(the video title says “9 kinds” but I guess 8 is a correct figure.) An accomplished player practices in the video, so it seems very helpful.

I want you to practice splits and short hop catch in particular. Regarding splits, it’s important that you make a catching posture with your hip joint lowered rather than bending your back. You have to be able to make this posture at first. And concerning short hop catch, this make your footwork much better. How you move against a ball is , I think , more important for infielders than how to catch it. In short , your footwork is pretty crucial when fielding.

If there is no appropriate place for “kabeate”, you should make a pair and throw a ground ball each other. Now, let’s all check the video.

Video source:1人で出来る守備練習!9種類の壁当てを全部やってみた!!これで確実にレベルアップするぞ!