Throwing practice – tips for reducing wild pitches

Throwing Practice: tips for reducing wild pitches

In the beginning of video, they say that there are more throwing errors than catching errors in a high-school baseball and I think that’s right. I guess throwing is difficult because the motion of it is related with catching. How you catch is important here.

Today I’m going to introduce tips for reducing wild pitches of infielders. I’m sure that the video is informative, so please check it out.

Here are the tips.
・not throwing only with arms, you make sure that you use your entire body and throw.
・you put the right foot forward when you step before throwing.
・it’s better to throw a little sidearm than to pump.
・you point a glove in the direction of pitching.
・At the time of follow-through, you twist your wrist.
・After you throwing, you make your body move in the direction of pitching.

It’s might be hard for you to try all the 6 tips from the beginning, so I recommend doing one thing at a time.

Also, I think the errors you make most often is the case of throwing only with an arm. If you don’t use your entire body and can’t get the rhythm of throwing, you throw with an arm. This often causes wild pitches.

Players who are not good at throwing should start learning about the movement of entire body. It will good to check it in a sequence of motion.

Then, check it out.

Video source:★内野手必見!★スローイング(送球)のコツと練習法を紹介!




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