Fielding practice- basic training for expanding the defensive range at home

Fielding practice: basic training for expanding the defensive range at home

Today I’m going to talk about the basic training of fielding you can do at home. Spring is the best season to get down to basics and master it. The improvement of your baseball skills depends on how much you made the foundation of baseball in spring. And today I’m going to introduce pepper game, which is a basic training of fielding, and a work out for fielding.

Target of training
To make steady catching position in fielding.
→You can’t follow a ball with your eyes because you don’t bend knees and look up, which might lead you to an error.

The point is that you thoroughly bend knees and make your body axis straight.

・Pepper game
【target】to soften hip joints and strengthen muscles of lower body

1. Make a pair
2. thrower throws underarm and catcher catches with bare hands.

1. make a catching position; stand with feet little more than shoulder-width apart and do the split
2. relax arms, get them down and get a glove on the ground
3. receive a toss on left and right sides and catch it with both hands

[merit]by moving hip joints flexibly, you can make even a small adjustment in the real match.

Training 2
1. receive a toss at a point further than training 1

[merit]you can handle grounders with your knees more bended
→you can look up and follow the ball with your eyes.
→you can handle more lower and further grounders.

Training 3
Pepper stepping on back and forth
→you have an image of forth play. You receive a toss in front of you and catch it while stepping in with one foot

・Fielding training
1. Catcher must wear a glove
2. You make a catching position
3. You receive a toss forehand, backhand and in front of you
→you should try some ways for example you pull your glove and put it forward when you catch.

*Thrower should throw overhand and try to make a short hop.

They are the fielding training you can do at home. Everyone can easily cut corners in pepper game for instance extending knees, but continuity is the father of success. I hope you grow up as a baseball player. This is my personal opinion, but putting a glove forward might help you to catch and more similar to fielding in real match. Then, please check the video.

Video source:【守備の基礎トレ】自宅で簡単にできる!下半身強化メニュー