Baseball pitching practice-to learn the right take back and avoid the shoulder pitching

Pitching Practice; To learn the right take back and avoid the shoulder pitching

The biggest thing to watch out for a pitcher are injuries to the shoulder and elbow, which is particular to baseball players and called baseball shoulder or baseball elbow. In the worst case, the range of motion of elbow is reduced (actually, I got it) and you might not be able to lift up the shoulder because of an intense pain, which might lead to a disability rather than an injury. Therefore, it’s very important for pitchers to learn how to throw with the correct pitching form so they will get less injuries.

Today, I’m going to show you a video on the take back. Elementary school students and junior high school students often throw a ball with the pitching form called shoulder pitching. The cause of it is the way of take back.

If you use your shoulders as an axis to take back too much, you tend to do shoulder pitching, which is a heavy burden on your shoulder and elbow. Especially, the load to your shoulder can be too much. Do you actually see the player like this who uses his shoulder as an axis and takes back too much? You’ll know better if you do long throws with your teammate and check each other out. Because players like this are likely to get injuries to their shoulder or elbow, they need to learn the right way of tale back.

The correct take back is to twist your arm inward and lower it while raising your elbow so it becomes parallel to your shoulder.

↑Take back as shown in this photo is the correct take back. If your elbow is totally stretched and the ball is pulled back strongly at this point, you are likely to do the shoulder pitching, which will put the heavy burden on your shoulder.

To learn the correct take back, don’t hurry up. You should start with shadow pitching, then try throwing a light ball, and finally throw a normal ball to establish your form. Besides, I think that Masahiro Tanaka of Yankees has a beautiful and dynamic take back. so, please use his take back as a reference.


↑I’d like you all to get closer to this take back.

Please watch the video for a detailed explanation.

Video source:投球フォームと投球障害 Vol.3 テイクバック




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