Physical Training-Sikofumi Sumo walking that improves flexibility and muscles

Work Out: Sikofumi Sumo walking that improves flexibility and muscles

When I talk about working out or essential parts of our body with professional players and trainers, we often talk about hip joints.

・catching position of grounder
・catcher’s position
・good balance of pitcher’s lower body …etc

As shown above, hip joints trainings will bring the improvement of your baseball performance, so professional players and trainers have big concerns about hip joint. Developing hip joint’s flexibility and muscles around it must be very important.

Compared to women, men’s hip joints get easily stiff, so especially men regularly have to stretch and improve it.

Some latest professional baseball players don’t have good flexibility of only shoulder joints, but also hip joints. In the article I introduced the other day, I talked about Ogawa Yasuhiro’s, a member of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, very flexible hip joints; he can easily do full splits. Of professional players, he is small, but his source of great pitching is exactly the flexible hip joints.

In the video I’m going to introduce, they talk about “Sikofumi Sumo walking” that will help you to develop your hip joints. Actually, I tried this training and I wore out only in a lap. I found how my hip joint were weak. This is one of the best hip joint’s work out for sure.

If you are not aware of hip joint, it’s hard to strengthen them, but they are important parts in improving baseball performance. Just do it.

Video source:股関節トレーニング、四股立ち相撲ウォーキングの筋トレ法