Baseball batting practice-three types of swinging tips to increase the swing speed

Batting Practice; three types of swinging tips to increase the swing speed

I will show you a video about three tips on increasing the swing speed. By increasing the swing speed, the distance and velocity of ball will be much greater. You can practice swinging alone, so I recommend that you adopt it into your own practice. Now, let’s look at the practice for each weight of the bat.

1. 1300g heavy bat
・Swing big with your entire body
・Instead of swinging with your all strength, be aware of your core of body so that your body doesn’t shake.
・Do this 20 times as warming-up

2. 890g bat for the match
・Not being aware of the match, swing strongly as much as possible
・Swing as if you were striking the pitcher with the accumulated power of the back foot

3. 580g light bat
・Learn the fast rotation of body
・Move your hip joints as fast as possible

After swinging with three bats above, please use the normal bat again and swing hard and fast. At this point, it’s crucial being aware of the movement of hip joints and the weight shifting of your lower body.

By changing the weight of bat, you practice swinging from a micro perspective. In the end of the video, you can see the right method of “fast swing”, so please check it out as well. Now, please watch the video.

Video source:【素振りの極意】スイングスピードを上げる素振りのコツ!3種類のバットを使って練習しよう!【打撃練習】【バッティング練習】




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