Baseball Throwing practice-to make your control of a ball throwing better by learning “snap throwing”

Ball Throwing Practice

I guess the majority of the baseball player, especially infielder, are unable to make stable control of the ball throwing. Though there might be several factors of the unstable control, the most common is probably unstable positions of release . If you can make every release in the same position, your control will get better. To acquire that skill, I’d like to introduce“snap throwing”, which is considered to make your throwing control better.

There are two popular practice methods for “snap throwing”.
1.Keep a standing posture and throw only with the wrist in the direction of just beside.
2.Kneel and throw a ball with a snap of the wrist with the position of a elbow fixed.
The video includes both of the practice, so please refer to the video. I recommend that
, keeping these methods in mind , you play catch ball in pairs. Furthermore, you may as well give your remarks each other about the training, for example“Try to fix your elbow.”and “Snap your wrist.” ,which leads to higher quality of practices.

You should pay attention to these points.
・Keep the elbow high.
・Don’t move the elbow when throwing
・Rather than following through, make a modest arm swing, aiming at partner’s chest.
・Give a ball vertical rotation.

Now, let’s try these practices again and again.

Video source:みるみる上達するスナップスロー講座 #1 【野球】




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