Baseball Throwing practice-throw with correct style sitting on a chair

Pitching Drills-Let’s throw with correct style sitting on a chair-

1. Bad control
2. Small arm swing

Have you ever thrown a ball sitting on a chair? When you sit on a chair and throw a ball, the lower body is fixed and you can concentrate on using the upper body. It’s a good throwing practice. I’m going to talk about this practice.

In the video, an elementary school student throws a ball sitting on a chair. At first, you can see he throws with only his arm. But after listening to the coach’s brief advice, he uses his body efficiently and his pitching style gets better.

Points are shown below.

・Don’t lean on the backrest, but sit on the edge of a chair.
・Turn your forefoot forward
・Turn your chest forward
・Turn your glove forward
・Don’t fix your pivot foot, but rotate it
・Keep in mind to relax your shoulders and swing your arm around when pitching

This practice is very effective for players who get a bad control when playing catch. In this practice, you can improve it by turning your lower and upper body toward a partner. It’s not good to throw with your arms opened or to not completely turn toward him. If you don’t play catch well, please try this practice first.

Moreover, I recommend that you use “throwing shot ball” together, which allows you to improve your throwing style. Also, it helps you to learn a correct style and to prevent injury.

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