Throwing practice – Sidearm: practices which improves the extension of pitching

Pitching Practice, Sidearm: practices which improves the extension of pitching

I’ve caught pitches of some great sidearm pitchers and I noticed they have things in common. That is “good extension”. To put it simply, the ball didn’t slip as they threw it. Especially, right-handed pitcher’s ball never slipped right from the sight of them. However, the ball of bad sidearm pitchers, who don’t have a big extension, often slips away, they don’t have control of it and their ball aren’t that fast.

Regarding to the facts of bad extension, they don’t tightly hang fingers on the ball and their body are opened as they throw it. Especially in the sidearm, if pitcher’s body is opened and he doesn’t hang fingers on the ball tightly, it may cause a wild pitch or the ball goes near the batter’s face. So, you should be careful about it. It’s necessary for sidearm pitchers to hang their fingers on the ball and have a good extension.

About practices, in the case of right-handed pitcher, a catcher takes two steps right from the home and you throw the ball. From the pitcher’s sight, because the catcher is in left, you need to hold the ball longer than usual and you also need to release it forward.

As an important point, just because the catcher is in left, you must not step on the left at the timing of release. You must step in the direction of home. You should think about how to throw a good ball while stepping for the home.

If you want to throw more shaper balls, to have a big extension or to have good control of it, please try this method.

Video source:【球速アップ】現役高校球児に球速アップのコツを伝授‼︎球持ちが良くなり、腕をしっかり振り切れるようになった。驚きの成長速度‼︎




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