Baseball batting practice-safe and effective practice of the batting~tips on shuttlecock batting~

About Batting Practice

The video I’ll introduce this time is about the shuttlecock batting. Lots of people probably have already adopted this training. This training allows you to take a full swing even in your house and to practice hitting breaking balls. Now let’s check the practice method.

It’s just simple. As demonstrated in the video, a thrower throws a shuttlecock towards a batter and the batter hits the shuttlecock with a full swing.



  • Watching a shuttlecock until just before swinging.
  • Drawing a ball near your body and hitting back it in the opposite side.

As the shuttlecock is subject to air resistance, it moves irregularly. That’s why, by watching a ball carefully, you make it easier to hit a ball and you can also adopt breaking balls. What’s more, it can be a training for hitting to opposite field. Since I’m left-handed batter, I used to make sure of points of hitting to the opposite field.

This practice is safe and suitable for indoor training or the training in limited places. And also, this is recommended on a rainy day and for fundamental trainings. Mastering the shuttlecock batting, I’d like you to become a batter who copes well with a breaking ball.

Then, please watch the video.

Video source:【ミート力アップ!】小スペースで出来るバッティング練習!あらゆる変化をするシャトルを確実に捉えてミート力を上げる!打撃練習】【めちゃ安全】