Baseball rule-coaches and players must see this. ~the rule of running through~

Rule; coaches and players must see this. ~the rule of running through~

Today, I’m going to show you a video about the rule of running through first base. When I picked up this video, I thought that this video was probably for the beginners, but I noticed that I’ve been playing baseball for 16 years without knowing about this rule.

I’d especially like the coaches to watch this video. There are many different rules in baseball. Therefore, whether you know them or not can make a difference to the result of game. Then, let’s get started with the basic rules.

・bases that a runner can run through
First base
Home base

・bases that a runner can’t
Second base
Third base
First base (only when you go back)

Q. Where should the batter runner who has been safe run into after stepping on the first base?

A fair zone? or the foul zone? I want you to think about the answer.

A. You can run into either the fair zone or the foul zone, but it’s conditional.

I think many players were instructed by their coaches that “run into the foul zone”. I am one of them who have been told so. It’s not wrong, but as you can see in this video, the batter runner can bump into the first baseman and suffer a serious injury if you have a wrong idea that you must run into the foul zone. Then, let’s take a look at the rules on the running through first base.

[There is no rule that says that you must run into the foul zone.]

To be precise, there is no such a rule, so you can run into both the fair zone and the foul zone. The point here is that the batter runner is allowed by rule to run through first base provided that he returns to the base immediately. At this point, the position of the batter runner doesn’t matter.

[Even if you get touched, you won’t be out as long as you are in the foul zone.]

This is an absolutely wrong idea. If the runner runs through the first base or overruns, it follows that he attempted to advance to second base, he will be out when he gets touched. It doesn’t matter where he runs into. So, even if you run into the foul zone, the moment you show your intention to advance to second base, your right to go back expires. The point is an obvious “act”.

These are the rules for running through first base. In short, it’s crucial after you run through first base. Knowing the rules can help prevent injuries to players. Also, there are many other rules you should know about. I have shown you “the replacement of the third out”, so check this out as well.

野球基礎知識 第3アウトの置き換え・ルールブックの盲点の1点を理解する

Then, please watch the video.

Video source:【知ってますか?】 1塁のオーバーラン 打者走者の駆け抜けについて




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