Baseball fielding practice-practices which improve your skill to catch an outfield grounder.

The outfield fielding practice : Practices which improve your skill to catch an outfield grounder.

・Issue and Desire; Become to be able to catch an outfield grounder without fail.

This time, I’m going to tell about catching an outfield grounder. People often discuss which leg to step forward with when catching an outfield grounder. Generally speaking, if you’re a right-hander, you’re told you’d better step forward with your right leg because there’s a chance that you kick your glove if you step forward with opposite leg. To avoid this risk, you step forward with your right leg when catching.(if you’re a right-hander.)

However, the players who have ever actually played outfield may recognize that you don’t think “I must definitely catch with my “right”leg stepped forward.”when the ball’s coming at you, furthermore, when you must throw home because you don’t have the time to think about it. So you need to be able to catch with either leg stepped forward and to catch and throw quickly regardless of right and left.

↑ This video tells you three kinds of fielding practice. You’ll find it useful.

And it depends on the ballpark, but most of the ballpark’s lawn are bad, so it’s quite difficult to catch a ball due to a frequent bad hop. Especially, throwing home might be hard.Therefore, the skill outfielders need to acquire is “the catching skill”.

I’m going to introduce an interesting fielding practice for an outfield grounder, which is from U.S. You move forward and catch a ball. You’d better catch with your palm erected and a more important point is that you catch a ball on a short hop. You’ll seldom fail to catch because a ball is less affected by a bad hop if you pick up the ball in a earlier timing . You can make this practice more effective if you practice to move and catch with your bare hand so that you catch a short hop.

Video source:3種類の外野ゴロの捕り方とコツを紹介 【野球・外野守備講座】




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