Baseball Throwing practice – How to practice to learn the correct pitching method

■Issues / requests
・want to learn the correct throwing

I hear many instructors and parents who have children playing baseball
saying, “I want to teach them the right way of pitching or throwing but
I don’t know how to practice.”
Yes, its certainly difficult.

For instructors, each player has different habits and issues, so it is
difficult to instruct them consistently.
If you have played baseball, you can teach to some extent, but if you
have never played baseball, teaching is really difficult.
This time, we(I) have found an easy-to-understand lecture video for such

A boy junior high school first grader in the video seems to have a habit
of throwing the upper body forward as shown in the subtitles.
Certainly, there are many players with this kind of habit, so it is a
good practice for almost everyone.
“throw the upper body forward” means “throwing without wall” or “
throwing without a reservoir”.
And I would like you to practice some poinjts, starting around 22

1: Take a step
2: Rotate the body with the axis foot without moving the head position
3: Put weight on the front legs first
4: Return your weight back and start takeback
5: Be aware of the correct position and shape of the top position
6: When actually throwing, the head position must be always fixed
It is better to be aware of the six orders.

By practicing the correct shape repeatedly, you will acquire the body
firmly, so it is a good idea to repeat it again and again while checking
the correct shape.

At the end of the video, there is a player’s before and after, but it
has changed to a throwing with the body not thrusting forward and the
reservoir well established.
Now you can throw the ball with the correct rotation and release the
elongating ball.
I think it will also help prevent injury.

Please practice with reference to the video.

動画引用元:バーズベースボールスクール スローイングドリル