Baseball strength training- practice to increase instantaneous power

In playing baseball, you can show off your abilities by developing fast muscles rather than slow muscles because you use more former than latter. The video I’ll introduce is about “training for instantaneous power”, which Mr.Oi has really done in his high school days.

These are five trainings for developing fast muscle ,using some safety cones.

・High knee
・Quick turn
・Reactive running

Since they are fundamental trainings, you, especially beginners, will find them pretty useful.

There are two training I especially recommend. First one is high knee. As a boy can’t do much well in the video, a large number of the elementary school students and junior high school students don’t do much well , too. The purpose of high knee is not to bring your knee up high but to switch left and right legs smoothly. So, you’ll make it easier to repeat it while keeping it mind to raise your knee as soon as the other leg touches on the ground rather than being conscious of your thighs. Second one is quick turn. It’s important to remember to move quickly as soon as possible. If your movement is not sharp or you can’t remain good postures, this practice doesn’t make sense. After all, it’s important to remember that you start to run and stop sharply.

In playing baseball, the instantaneous power is a quite vital ability. I think you can be a good baseball player if you exercise while you’re young.

Anyway, let’s watch the video now.

Video source:高校時代に取り組んでいた『瞬発力トレ』を再現‼足を速くするには『速い動き』を取り入れよう!




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