Work Out-make practices more fun by combining the running with tic-tac-toe

Work Out: Make practices more fun by combining the running with tic-tac-toe

We don’t want our practices to get into a rut, don’t we? Even if the practice will be hard, we basically want to do good practices for players with fun. So, I’m going to introduce a practice in which we combine the running with tic-tac-toe. This practice is not only fun, but will help strengthen the lower body, which is because you are to run, and improve the ability of thinking and judgement.

Talking about the running, because you have to run with your full strength and the more you run, the more you take advantages, it’ll be very beneficial. Moreover, you can’t cut corners because you compete with other teams.

Talking about the ability of thinking and judgement, you put your blain into full gear while you’re moving because you need to judge where to put a ball instantly.

Don’t you come up with the similar scenes in a match, for example whether to advance to the next base or where to throw a ball? Thinking and judging are essential elements of baseball.

Talking about the way of practice,
・You’re going to split into two teams.
・Put 9 cones at the distance of 15meter.
・From the first runner to the third runner, they start to run having the ball and put it on the cone
・From the forth runner, they move a ball only once.
・Other rules are the same as tic-tac-toe.

This is a very good practice for players and just fun. Let’s try anyway.

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