Baseball batting practice-“wrist batting” practice improves your way of using wrists.

Batting Practice: Wrist Batting〜Practice for swinging sharply by standing your wrist〜

To swing quickly and sharply, we need some technics, not a powerful swing. How to use your wrist is particularly important. Using wrists well allows us to make use of the weight of head of the baseball bat. As a result, the head of the bat will run and we can swing quickly and sharply.

The video which I’ll introduce is about “wrist batting”. This practice improves your way of using wrists.

・Set up so that you swing powerfully at a top position.
・Meet a ball in front of your left leg as much as possible.(If you’re a right-handed batter. )
・Hit the ball with snapping your wrists once you meet the ball.

These are 3 points of the practice.

I actually tried the practice and I found it pretty tough because my wrists weren’t that flexible. So, I recommend that you do some wrists stretches before the practice.

I think the most important point is“hit the ball with sapping your wrists once you meet the ball.”. If you snap your wrists forcibly, you feel like you “knead” the ball and the batted ball is not good. I felt my swing was smoother when I felt the weight of the bat and, making use of the centrifugal force, swung with a little power under the elbow.

And I noticed this practice was effective for not only players desire to run the head of the bat, also players who need to keep the upper arm to the body because you swing compactly with your lower half of the body fixed.

Let’s check it out and try anyway.

Video source:リスト打ち