Throwing practice –To learn the correct way of shadow pitching

Pitching Practice: To learn the correct way of shadow pitching

Most of the pitcher have ever try the shadow pitching. However, I’m sure that there are things you still don’t know on the shadow pitching, for instance how to grip the towel. And this time, I’m going to tell you the correct way of shadow pitching.

In the first place, all the purpose of the shadow pitching is to establish the correct pitching form. Establishing the correct pitching style is very important for you to throw a faster ball, to have good control and to figure out the wrong point of your style.

For more information, please watch the video, which is focusing on Mr.Muranaka, a pitcher of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, but let’s get started with how to grip the towel.

The correct way to grip the towel is that you grip it with your index finger and middle finger hung on as if you grip a ball. Needless to say, you don’t grip it with your entire palm. You must grip the towel just like the ball. And the next point is to check your form with a mirror. Of course, using a smart phone is fine. When you check your form, it’s important to have an objective view. Especially, there are some points you should be concerned with in the shadow pitching. Here are the points.

・whether your body axis wobbles or not
・whether the elbow are lowered
・the timing when you open the shoulder is early or not

You must check these three points first. Moreover, it’ll be more effective to check your form after watching these three videos.

Like I said, let’s try the shadow pitching and face your form.

Video source:スワローズKA 村中恭兵 シャドーピッチング




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