Baseball infielders must memorize rules-Infield Fly

Infield Fly-Infielders must memorize rules-

If you miss the infield fly: you should stay cool in case of that.

This time, I’m going to tell some rules about the infield fly. Every baseball player, especially infielders, catchers and pitchers, needs to memorize this basic knowledge.

・Cases judged infield flies
In case of no out and men on first and second, no out and base loaded, one out and men on first and second, one out and base loaded, if a ball flies above infielders’ defensive range, it’s called “infield fly” and the batter is forced out. Then the rule says pitchers and catchers are also included in infielders. And there’s no mean with the border between the soil and the lawn and the white line on the grass. Plus, the fly due to bunts and line drives to infielders are out of it.

・Cases you miss the infield fly
Batters are forced out when referees call an infield fly. You must keep in your mind that batters are also forced out even when infielders miss the fly and it’s not dead ball, but it’s in play. After the fly’s caught, the batter has to run as usual and it goes in play in the same way as a tag up. Here is a point. If runners on the base are going to run, you have to “tag the runner out”.

Even professional baseball players are upset in catching a fly. There was the case that one player missed a ball and forgot that he should’ve tag out and the team gave up a run. This case might be a painful memory for Yomiuri Giants fans, but please check the video shown as below. There’s one more point to remember at this point, which’s runners on the base don’t have a duty of getting back the base. Because the ball wasn’t caught, it’s a not tag-up-play and you can make a run while the ball flying. That’s why a runner on the third base got home in the video.

・If the ball falls outside the foul line
If the ball falls in foul zone or players miss it without touching, the call of infield fly are canceled. Therefore, if a ball flies by the foul line, the referee calls “infield fly if fair”.

On the contrary if the fly falls inside the foul line without player’s touch, the call of it gets valid and the batter is forced out .

There’s no problem if you catch the fly, but it’s important to stay cool if you couldn’t. You should be ready just in case by memorizing rules about the infield fly.
In the second video, they also explain the infield fly, so please check it out.

Video source:【インフィールドフライ解説】




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