Baseball Throwing practice-to throw a great fastball

Throwing Practice-to throw a great fastball-

A bad course of ball may cause wild pitches or catchers’ error. If he throws a very fast ball with bad control, possibly it is hard to be dealt with, but the great fastball is something such as increasing its speed in front of batter.

From my experience of playing first base, I felt much easier to catch a straight ball than to catch a ball put slice on or a two-seam fastball. Considering the easiness of catch as well, you should throw a great fastball and have a good control of it.

This time, I’m going to show a video, in which they use “hopping ball”, which ball is made for leaning of great fastball.

As you can see in the video, with that ball, you generally fail at first. Even though you think you usually throw in a correct way, things don’t work out as you expected. It’s important to find out that your throwing actually is not correct.

Especially, you can find out whether the timing of release is good or not. If the timing is good, the trajectory of the ball gets straight and if the release is a little early or fingers hang on the ball too much, the ball doesn’t go well.

Of course, this “hopping ball” doesn’t necessarily make your throwing perfect, but I recommend that people who want to use fingers and wrist well use this ball.

Please try it on if you are interested.

Video source:【SBサファテ的】鬼ホップする火の玉ストレート習得!「ホッピングボール」