Introduction of baseball items,-glove maintenances: 4 things you should do after you buy a baseball glove

Introduction of baseball items, glove maintenances: 4 things you should do after you buy a baseball glove

Glove is the baseball players’ tools of them trade. The style of glove maintenance can improve or harm your catch and fielding, so you should regularly take care of it and treat it with care.

The video I’m going to introduce tells you what to do after you buy a baseball glove. What did you do first after buying it? I guess you just used it first. You can make your glove better if you know how to treat it. The start is the important part of your maintenance, so you should remember this video.

Now we have 4 things to do at first.
.Apply some oil to glove
When you just got glove, it is hard. So, you put oil on a piece of cloth first and apply some oil to it with the cloth and make it softer. Too much oil might make the glove heavier, so you apply oil thinly. At this point, you don’t apply oil to the back side of glove. You apply it thinly on catch side and strings first.

.Make 5 folds
To make a pocket for catching, you make some folds on the glove. If you wouldn’t do that, you would fail to catch a ball or the glove would get some wrinkles. You make 5 folds in total. The video will tell you where to make it, so check it out. You should be aware of where the pocket will be.

.Strike the catch side
On where you want to make a pocket,
1. throw a ball
2. strike with a ball directly
3. strike with back of your hand
4. use glove hammer
doing these actions, you will make a pocket.

.Hold the shape of glove
After you have finished these 3 actions, you are going to hold the shape of the glove with a ball and a belt so that the shape of it wouldn’t be bad. If possible, you get a ball and a belt for holding the shape of it. If you don’t have those items, putting a ball at the place of pocket and tieing it with towel is okay. You never leave the glove without doing anything.

When you get a glove, please do these 4 actions. What matters is to treat items with care, so you should take care regularly.

Video source:グラブを購入したら最初にやるべき4つのこと