Batting Practice-the point is “to bring back”; seven points to hit a ball further.

Batting Practice The point is “to bring back”; seven points to hit a ball further.

Today, I’m going to introduce a video about seven points of batting form for beginners. As they are fundamental batting practices, you should apply it and find the form that works to you. I bet that there are many players who forgot the original form of you through a process of trial and error. I hope that the video I’ll introduce will help you to find the original form. Then, let’s take a look at the basics of batting form.

1. Make a top position quickly
【method】When you attempt to hit a ball, you make a top position quickly
[point] You can handle various of breaking pitches

2. Posture
【method】Put your hips down and take a stance as if you were sticking your hips out
[point] You focus on your hips rather than your back. Be careful not to stretch your back too much because your chest sticks out, which makes it difficult to control the bat.

3. How to use back armpit
【method】Leave the back armpit open form the phase of stance
[point] If you close both armpits, it’s easier to hunch over and harder to swing the bat. By closing the armpits, you can swing more quickly.

The old way was to leave the both sides open, but nowadays, opening the back armpits has became popular among the major league players and professional baseball players. However, if you open the front armpits, you are more likely to get an uppercut, so you should close the front armpits.

4. How to use the arms
【method】 Stretch the forearm when you attempt to hit a ball.
[point] By stretching the forearm, it’s easier to hit a ball further. In the beginning, serve a bat from the side and take a level swing.

5. How to use the hip
【method】Put your weight on the hip joint of the your axial foot.
Rotate from the back hip.
[point] BY twisting your body a little when you make a top position, the rotation of the body speed up, and you can easily hit a ball further.

6. Weight Shifting
【method】Take a stance slightly wider than your shoulder width.
Before stepping in, put the weight of your front foot on your back axial foot.
When stepping, the center of balance remains on the back foot rather than the front foot (6:4 is best.).
Timing of the weight shifting and the swing should be the same.
Step in, and “bring the center of the balance” to your back foot the moment the front foot touches the ground.
[point] Be careful not to let your upper body rush. By bringing the center of the balance back to your back foot after stepping in, the head speed will increase.

7. Ideal finish
【method】It’s in a straight line when viewed from the right side (homerun batters are slightly warped.).

The above is the flow of batting form. I was often told to take a stance closing the armpits as a child. As the time goes by, the trend of batting form changes, and the teaching method does, too. I think that it’s difficult to establish your batting form, but it is ideal if you can find the original batting form out of the many options. Then, let’s watch the video.

Video source:古田敦也選手によるバッティングフォーム基礎




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