Batting practice-the revolution of fly; how to hit the long hits

Batting Practice The revolution of fly; how to hit the long hits

Today, I’m going to introduce a video about “the revolution of fly”. It’s a kind of batting style that gained attention about a year ago, and I’m going to introduce it again because there are players using it at Koshien this time. Please read the articles I posted for your reference, too.

打撃練習 高木豊が教えるフライボール革命バッティング

First of all, please watch the video in which the common batting style “hit from above” is compared to the revolution of fly style “put the bat into the path of ball”.

Then, let’s compare the strong point of these two batting styles.

[hit from above style] ・You can hit a powerful grounder.
・You can easily hit a ball that floats high because the bat reaches the ball in the shortest time.

[put the bat into the path of ball] ・The batted ball flies further.
・You’ll get fewer grounders and more hits.

Personally, the difference between the two batting styles are that you hit the ball at a point in the “hit from above” style, and you hit the ball in a plane in the “put the bat into the path of the ball” style. In the former style, you are likely to hit the ball at a point because the bat follows the same path of the ball. On the other hand, in the latter style, you can hit the ball in a plane because you put the bat into the path of the ball. This might be why you hit the ball further.

It’s important to note that ,in the revolution of fly style, you swing the bat horizontally in line with the path of the ball ,not with the awareness that you try to hit the fly, as I say in the video.

I can’t tell, but I felt the mixing of their pitches and the ball players try to hit at Koshien this time have gradually changed. I wonder how they will change in the future.

Video source:『ゴロ狙い』vs『フライ狙い』最近話題の「フライボール革命」を取り入れてバッティングしたら4ヶ月で明らかに打球が変わった・・・(Fly Ball Revolution)【打撃検証】




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