Baseball batting practice-Finger grip or Palm grip : Figure out a way of holding a bat that suits you.

Batting Drills Finger grip or Palm grip : Figure out a way of holding a bat that suits you.

How do you hold your bat now? We need to figure out a way of holding a bat that suits you to improve your batting because it may affect the orbit of your swing and strength of push when meeting a ball.

Generally speaking, there are two different ways of grip, which are finger grip and palm grip. Finger grip is literally the style gripping with your fingers. And palm grip is the style gripping with your push hand’s palm (if you’re a right-handed batter, your push hand is right hand.)as if enclosing the grip.

Until the winter in the second year of the high school, I’ve done finger grip. However, my coach said to me “You’re powerful enough, but you couldn’t push a ball well when meeting. You hit the ball far away only relying on the force of repulsion of the bat.” and he recommended palm grip, which allows me to push strongly by my palm. So, I’ve been doing palm grip since then.

Actually, I felt my palm pretty cramped at first when I swung with palm grip. It was hard to swing. But I did long tee drills and then I improved the flying distance of ball more than ever before. At that time, I felt the quality of the ball changed. Most impressive thing was the backspin of ball. A ball has stalled due to topspin until then, but thanks to the backspin, the flying distance grew, even right-center as well.

At first, I felt cramped but as a result the flying distance grew, so I kept on practicing palm grip. However, it depends on the person’s taste after all, so not everyone likes it. What matters is ‘to seek out how to grip so that you get better’. I figured out the way which suits me by chance, but I suggest you try various ways and seek it out to better yourself.

In the video, they introduce totally opposite way from me, so please watch this video and refer to it as well.

Video source:俺のバットの握り方 フィンガーグリップ&パームグリップ




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