Baseball defensive practice – fly Tips for quickly entering the fall point

Fielding Practice “Fly” ; how to get under the pop fly quickly.

The video I’d like to introduce is about the practice methods of catching a pop fly. Actually,I wasn’t good at catching a fly when I was an active player. And, unfortunately, I guess the majority of baseball players also don’t do it well.

・be unable to get under the fly
・not good at catching a rear fly
・want to expand defensive range

This time, I’ll introduce recommended methods of the practice for the player who applies to these conditions

There are two capacity that are required in catching a fly.
・A capacity of space recognition
・Instantaneous power

The former is very important because you can move to the falling point in a shortest by grasping the position, direction and distance of the ball quickly and exactly when fielding a fly. So now ,let’s check practice methods which enhance the capacity of space recognition.

①Forehead Catch
1.Fix a glove beside your forehead.
2.And catch a fly with the glove fixed.

・Catch with position of the glove fixed.
・Make it a rule to catch near your body

I recommend this practice to beginners and players who are afraid of balls. At first, practicing with a soft ball, you would do well without fearing.

②Turn Fly Catch
1.Run backwards and catch as watching a person who throws a ball.
2.If you get used to step 1, stop watching the thrower, you run backwards.
And then, when the thrower says “ hey!!’, you look back and catch a fly.

In the video, there is a kind of practice using color cones. I’m happy if you overcome your weaknesses by practicing in various ways. Now, please watch the video.

Video source:指導者必見!フライが捕れない選手への3つの指導方法




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