Physical Training-build adductor muscle and improve your performance

Physical Training: build adductor muscle and improve your performance

Target: to learn the effective way to build adductor muscle

Adductor muscle, this is not popular part of our body. However, adductor muscle is an important part for improving your baseball skills. Both of batters and pitchers should pay attention to it.

It is said that muscle of Hideki Matsui’s upper body, who was a member of New York Yankees, is below average in professional baseball players, but muscle of his lower body is one of the greatest one. In short, of course his technique is great though, the source of Matsui’s home-runs must be power of his lower body’s muscle.

Kouichi Tabuchi, who has ever won a home-run king, talked about Mr.Matsui as below.
“I think his sharp and quick swing, strong lower body and his batting form that he uses pivot foot’s adductor muscle well are perfect.”
After all, he applauds Matsui’s power accumulation, which is enabled by the strong lower body, especially the adductor muscle. Did you understand how important the adductor muscle is?

The relation ship between baseball and adductor muscle
As you can see from the picture, adductor muscle is the general term for adductor magnus muscle, adductor brevis muscle and adductor longus muscle. In short, adductor muscle is the muscle located inside of thigh.

With great adductor muscle, pitchers enable to step on the ground more strongly. That makes their ball faster, their control better and their ball sharper. And batters enable to make their form more stable because their pivot foot gets stable. In short, they can accumulate more power before making a swing. Moreover, in swinging, they don’t have to rely on power of upper body because adductor muscle generates power and we can swing smoothly.

Training for adductor muscles
・open stance squat
Open your legs and turn your toes the same direction of the knees. You don’t change this form while you squat. It will be more effective with having dumbbell.

Video source:ワイドスタンス・スクワット(ワイドスクワット)/内転筋群(太もも内側)・大臀筋/筋トレ実践講座

video source:太腿の内側を鍛えるワイドスタンススクワットの実践

Lie on the floor, wake up the upper body and raise and lower your leg. This movement is adduction. Be aware of inside of thigh and move leg as slowly as possible and then it works well.

Video source:アダクション/太もも内側(内転勤群)/筋トレ実践講座

To be honest, both trainings are little bit sober, but you need to work out for improving your baseball. I hope you have a good training.