Report-Teaching method that improves early elementary school players

Recommended for coaches; Teaching method that improves early elementary school players

Today, I’m going to introduce a video about a teaching method for early elementary school players. Many coaches find it difficult to teach to early elementary school players. Actually, I also find it difficult to teach to little children in baseball classes. For instance, I’ve experienced many times that I can’t convey what I really want to convey when I teach pitching form and how to use the elbow.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to teach pitching form and batting form. Firstly, let’s take a look at how to teach pitching form.

Challenge: throw with the elbow lower than the shoulder

The above problem is often seen in beginners. So, we want to establish the pitching form with using your entire body and without the elbow lower than shoulder, but it’s difficult to fix it because it has became a habit. Then, to solve it, I will talk about “menko strike” and tips on it.

[menko strike] ・Make a pair and face each other halfway between the base.
・The throwing player slams a ball toward the ground.
[tips] ・Make the children aware of using their body entirely
・Bounce the ball higher as much as possible

This practice will allow them to swing the arm from above, and as a result many of them will be able to raise their elbow.

Next, let’s look at how to teach batting form.

Challenge: the bat goes a long way around, and they swing too late

The above issues are also often seen in children. This is one of the reasons why they cannot hit a ball in the direction they want to. Here are some tips on how to address this issue.

players whose pelvis is slanted backwards, and can’t pull in their elbow and the bat goes a long way around

[how to fix it] ・let them make a slightly forward leaning stance
・let them make a “path of elbow”

Players who capture a ball behind their body

[how to fix it] ・make them understand that the ball will fly further if they hit a ball in front of them
・let them lift their feet a little earlier

The similarity between the above teaching methods of pitching and batting form is that they approach it from a different angle, such as “menko strike”, rather than teaching in a direct way. There are many cases where coaching will not be successful, but I think the real pleasure of coaching is being able to see the players’ improvement through the trial and error. I was reminded that it is important for coaches to have an attitude of leaning all the time as well as players.

Then, please watch the video.

Video source:【8/3練習】低学年の技術指導




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