Baseball base run practice-to increase the probability of success with delayed base stealing.

Base Running Drills-To increase the probability of success with delayed base stealing.

If you’re slow-footed, you can steal a base. It’s not about techniques. There’s a base stealing with which everyone can steal a base with a high possibility if getting the hang of it. That’s “delayed base stealing”. I’m going to talk about what delayed base stealing (DBS) is.

The biggest and only difference between DBS and regular one is the timing of start. In regular base stealing, you start to run at the timing of the pitching action’s start or before that. On the other hand, in DBS, you don’t make a start at the timing. You get a second lead and then you start to run at a certain point and steal a base. In the DBS, the start of running is delayed.

However, why can we make it possible in spite of the delayed start?? The trick of it is fielder’s movement. Pitchers are conscious of runners when they are about to take pitching action. That’s because they have to check whether runners made a start or not. However, pitchers have to look at a ball after throwing it, so they must look away from runners.

The same applies to the second baseman and shortstop who covers a base. Fielders concentrate on the batter after confirming whether runners didn’t make a start. This moment is a chance. Fielder’s reaction will be slow if you make a start while fielders look away from you. And you can steal a base.

However, when is “the specific moment” ? It is when a ball passes through exactly the halfway point between the battery. You cannot try many times in a game, but it would be effective when it counts.

Moreover, it is also effective that you try DBS when you are at first base and the batter is left-handed because it’s hard to see the runner from a catcher.

Let’s give it a try if you’re slow-footed but want to steal a base.

Video source:【プロ野球パ】一瞬の隙を逃さず、銀次の絶妙ディレイドスチール 2015/05/17 E-M