Baseball Throwing practice-Learn sidearm pitch with medicine ball

Pitching practices: Learn sidearm pitch with medicine ball

・To learn sidearm pitch correctly

We’re going to show you videos about sidearm style. Both of you, who pitch sidearm and who are thinking about it, should check this video.

At first, it is about basic knowledge of sidearm. Sidearm is a pitching style which pitcher’s dominant hand becomes parallel to the ground when they pitch. Actually, “sidethrow” is a Japanese English and they call that type of pitcher sidewinder in English.

People tend to think that sidearm burdens to shoulders and elbows, but using the joints correctly, you can reduce the burden and prevent from getting injuries. In the first video, they especially explain how to use the upper body, which starts around 0:55. It is as shown below.

1. Twisting your shoulder inward when taking back.
2. The elbow precedes a shoulder and next the shoulder’s twisted outward.
3. Make a neutral position at the moment of release.
4. Twist the shoulder inward again after follow-through.

Please check the video for more details though, this is what I have in my mind about this explanation.

1. When you take back, keep your elbow up and direct a ball second base. This is the top position.
2. Be aware that you take a lead so that the elbow precedes the shoulder from the top position to release timing and keep your arm parallel to the ground.
3. Have an image of erecting the wrist at the moment of release.
4. In the follow-through, twist a palm from the shoulder to arm so that you direct the palm third base. And at this point, you turn the thumb down.

Next video is about the practice using a medicine ball. At first, please get a palm-sized medicine ball. If possible, you should check your pitching form by using a smart phone.

In the last video, they show the practice which they use the medicine ball 10 times in a row.
As you can see from here as well, it’s important to think clearly about what to bear in mind while practicing for example being aware of the shoulder twist, making a big undulation and so on.

Please check the greatest sidewinder in Japan, Saitou Masaki. You can learn a lot from him.

Video source:競技別トレーニング 野球編 メディスンボール・ワンハンド・サイドスロー2

Video source:競技別トレーニング 野球編 メディスンボール・ワンハンド・サイドスロー3