Work Out-Improve the agility with T drill

Work Out: Improve the agility with T drill

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How to improve the agility

I’m going to introduce one of the training for agility, T drill.

In the first place, what is the agility training? You improve the speed of movement and the speed of switch from static state to dynamic state or dynamic to static in it. The speed of switch is very important especially in the defense and running. So, it’s no exaggeration to say whether the team has this ability or not determines the team’s strength. Although soccer, basketball and volleyball adopted the agility training long ago, many youth baseball teams maybe don’t.

You might have said that just because that player is so athletic and agile by nature, but the agility training will bring you to higher level

T drill is a best training to acquire some important skills like the acceleration, deceleration and turn.

Firstly, you make a T arrangement with color cones, which is 10m×10m. Then you run to the cones. After that, you run sideways to the right and left cone and next back to the center cone and lastly, run backwards to the start.

Because you move back, forth, right and left and accelerate, decelerate and turn, the high level agility is required, but it’s certainly a good training. I recommend that you compete who is faster with teammates.

Video source:加速・減速・方向転換を養うアジリティトレーニング【Tドリル】




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